Sunday, April 5, 2009


Well, lets see how long I have to change the title of the blog because I stop posting.
Blogging is lame and stoopid, aye? Yeah, probably. But if I wish to have a place to point people cooler than myself to... especially if I wish them to be able to see examples of my great intellect and ability I really have no choice. Not to mention it is good exercise.

Anyway what sparked me into motion is that I am actually posted on the internetz! A good friend asked me to write a game review for a site ( and submit it to see if I could get in. So far I am just a "guest writer" whatever that might mean but either way it was the push my mind needed to make me get moving. So here I am, StillLive for now.

Here is my review, btw:
Also my next couple entries will probably be some little things I wrote previously, so hopefully they will be pretty good and easy and thus guaranteeing this place a short life at the very least.

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